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Central Indiana K9 Association Training Program is proud of the high caliber and variety of training opportunities it has provided for the canine law enforcement teams.  

Take a look at our past events. 

APR 17-19, 2023 | Training

E-collar without conflict

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Hosted by the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office
Camp Camby, 10740 E CR 700 S,  Camby, IN 46113

TIME: 2p-9p (lunch will be provided)

$100 Working spot – Includes event T-shirt! SOLD OUT
–REGISTRATION LIMITED TO 15 working teams.  
$50 Audit spots (unlimited)

This training is open to Military/Law enforcement only.

Instructor: Eric Stanbro, VanEss K9 Academy

Eric worked as a K9 handler and trainer from 2005-2018, recently retired as the head trainer from Canton Police Department K9 Unit, along with the Police K9 Association. Eric spent time as a trainer for Naval Special Warfare Group 1 (SEALs) training, America’s elite Multi-Purpose Working Dogs. He is also the co-host of Working Dog Radio podcast, where he interviews trainers and handlers from all over the world.


  •  Teaching how to start over and undo poor e-collar practices
  • Learn how to use the e-collar as a gas pedal as well as a brake.
  • How to use the e-collar to remove conflict between you and your working dog.
  • Cleaning up your “out” within high stim corrections


Nov 16-17-18  2022 | Training

Advanced K9 Tracking

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Hosted by the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office
Camp Camby, 10740 E CR 700 S,  Camby, IN 46113

Instructors: Travis Lax, Stoic K9, LLC

TIME: 2p-9p (lunch will be provided)

$100 Working spot – Includes event T-shirt!
$50 Audit spots (unlimited)

Travis served 11 years in the Army as an Infantryman, mostly in Infantry Battalion Reconnaissance units. Being active duty military, he moved around quite a bit and have had the opportunity to find dog sport clubs to train with, and learn from across the nation.

Travis expanded his experience and knowledge to the odor side of working dogs by getting involved in Search and Rescue and handling a Cadaver dog, and have trained trailing dogs within the state that are used in SAR. He has also imprinted and handled a Belgian Shepherd detecting bed bugs, and worked for a local company searching hotels.

In 2019 Travis certified as a Patrol K9 decoy through Tulsa Police Departments’ decoy seminar. He returned to Oklahoma at the beginning of 2020 and successfully completed an 800 hour dog trainer course through Canine Unlimited of Tulsa, Inc. Travis now works at the same business that he trained under to continue honing his craft, as well as train and supply the finest Police Service Dog’s in the country.

This training is open to Military/Law enforcement only.


Nov 7-8, 2022 | Training

Police K9 Decoy Class

Hosted by Lawrence Police Department

Franklin Township Annex Learning Center
6019 S Franklin Rd
Indianapolis IN 46259

$125 Working spots (limited to 10) – includes all meals
$  75 Audit spots (unlimited)

Scott LaRoe,
YouTube Channel
Facebook Page
Owner and lead trainer of Magnum K9, Scott LaRoe has been working PROFESSIONALLY with dogs for 24 years! Basically if you have seen a dog do it, this guy has trained it! Bird dogs, shed dogs, competition dogs, police dogs, bomb dogs, arson dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, facility dogs and pets!


Contact Sgt. Adam Hazelwood, Lawrence PD, [email protected], cell 317-414-4617.



Some of the topics that will be covered are:

Training and scenario philosophy
Nerve Classification
Environmental Neutrality
Drive Channeling
Grip and Out Development
Skills for Decoy and K9

Oct 21, 2022 | Training

Multi-Agency K9 Training
Explosives – Narcotics – Apprehension – SAR

Avon Middle School
1251 N Dan Jones Rd, Avon, IN 46123

Transportation Security Administration
Indiana Explosive Detection Canine Program
Central Indiana K9 Association

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This event is open to all Federal, State and Local K9 Teams. K9 Handlers are encouraged to invite their agency’s trainers and command staff to attend so that they may provide individual feedback to their teams. There will be trainers representing all disciplines from the public and private sectors running multiple training scenarios throughout the day.

Any agency trainers who would like to assist or even run a scenario of their own design are encouraged to include that info when they RSVP. Handlers are advised to bring with them any specialized gear required for their particular discipline.

• For additional information please contact TSA Trainer Eric Hood at 317-665-0180.

• Please RSVP with agency name, handler name, and K9 specialty to
[email protected] by 10/16. Participation will be limited to the first 100 teams to register.

Oct 12-13, 2022 | Training

Canine Legal Updates and Opinions Seminar
Patrol Dog and Narcotic-Contraband Dog Detection

COST:  $225/Seat

To be invoiced please email or call Jennifer at: 630-361-4632 [email protected]

Carmel City Hall
One Civic Square, Carmel, IN 46032

Sheepdog Guardian Consulting

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This two-day (16hr) seminar covers topics including police service patrol dog operations, narcotic-contraband detection dog operations, and relevant case law related to the Supreme court of the United States, United States Court of appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and the State of Indiana.

Any agency member is welcome to attend—topics geared towards police service and working dog handlers and trainers of patrol and narcotic-contraband detection dogs.  Agency attorneys, prosecutors, supervisors, and administrators are also encouraged and welcome.

Officers who successfully complete this course will receive Law Enforcement Training Board CE credit of 16 hours. 

K9: Use of Force and Search & Seizure Narcotic-contraband

      • Supreme Court of the United States
      • United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
      • Indiana Law img-11

 K9 Industry Standards

      • Certification
      • Indiana – specific
      • Discipline – specific
      • Training

Oct 3-7, 2022 | Training

DLE K9 Seminar – Workshop / Certification

COST: $400/team, includes housing & meals

Muscatatuck Urban Training Center
4230 E Administration Dr, Butlerville, IN 47223

Indiana State Police
Lawrenceburg Police K9 Unit

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MT-3-day Event – Limited Spots – Problem Solving Every Day

  •  Bulk Narcotics
  • Bulk Explosives
  • Tactical simunition training
  • Scenario based training
  • Practical Tracking with John Ivey
  • Night Tracks / Traffic Stops
  • Current Blasting Technology and Explosives with Austin Powder
  • Lecture on the Odor of Explosives with John V Goodpastor, PhD
  • Odor Print Training Aids with Precision Explosives
  • EOD Scenarios with Cpl Michael Sarchet
  • K9 Nutritional Seminar with Kinetic Feed
  • Introduction to muzzle
  • Directional Search / Tactical Obedience
  • And much, much more!



Sept 25 – 29, 2022 | Training

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Bloodhound Seminar


Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
Indiana Diabetes Youth Camp
5050 E 211th St, Noblesville, IN 46062

COST: $200 (20 working spots) – includes all meals

40 hours of class and field work including scenario-based problems from instructors with 140 years of combined experience. Topics to include legal, medical and man trailing.



Contact Neal Hoard at [email protected] for registration form. Once registration is completed and received you will be notified of acceptance by August 1st, 2022. Do not send fees until notified of acceptance.


Aug 23-24-25, 2022 | Training

National Odor Recognition Test 

Indianapolis Motor Speedway


CIK9 will be at the event on Wednesday.  Stop by and say hello, and let the team know that you learned about the event here!


You can find great images from this event on our FB and IG pages!  Be sure to like and follow to stay in the loop!

July 13-15 2022 | Training

Advanced Training and Problem Solving for Law Enforcement K9 Teams

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Plainfield PD Annex, 4004 Clarks Creek Rd., Plainfield IN 46168

Instructors: Howard Young – White Beard K9

TIME: 2p-9p (lunch will be provided)

COST: $100 (working spot) ** REGISTRATION LIMITED TO 30 working teams.  $50 Audit spots (unlimited)

This course will cover everything from selection to tailoring your dog’s training to best meet the high demands placed on law enforcement K9 teams. Every handler has specific strengths and weaknesses, as do their K9 partners.  The course includes discussions regarding a variety of training arrangements and exercises to enhance your dog’s working ability.

Hard work and sustained effort are essential ingredients but are fruitless if training is poorly designed or not practiced to fidelity.  

This course takes a deeper look into what makes some teams more successful than others and aims to identify those elements and provide practical training recommendations for the dual-purpose K9.

This training is open to Military/Law enforcement only.  


Howard is a civilian police K9 trainer located in Shelby NC. From a young age, he had a passion for working dogs, along with a hunger to learn.  This passion put him on a path to assist with training police and protection dogs with an acquaintance at the Shelby NC Police Department.  

He was offered a job to be a civilian police K9 trainer and for over 25 years, he has been employed to oversee the procurement, development, and training of the Shelby Police Department’s K9 teams. He has since contracted with the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office to oversee the training there, as well.


Feb 21-22-23 2022 | Training

K9 Intensification Course

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Hosted by the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office
BPD Training Facility, 75 Whittington Dr, Brownsburg, IN 46112

Instructors: Steve “Zane” Stoops, Zane K9 Dynamics

TIME: 2p-9p (lunch will be provided)

COST: $100 (working spot) ** REGISTRATION LIMITED TO 30 working teams.  $50 Audit spots (unlimited)

This K9 Workshop on K9 Intensification will be a 3-day working workshop consisting of:

  • an explanation on K9 Intensification
  • evaluation of K9s for a confrontation without bite gear
  • development of confrontation.

Other areas included are

  • principles of E-collar
  • obedience vs. delivery systems
  • indiscriminate biting vs equipment sucking
  • the role of relationship in control
  • tactical considerations and realities

Finishing up with aggregate training of Zane’s principles and philosophies.

This training is open to Military/Law enforcement only.


Nov 8-9-10  2021 | Training
K9 Behavior Conditioning and Tabletop Aggression

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Hosted by the Brownsburg Police Department
BPD Training Facility, 75 Whittington Dr, Brownsburg, IN 46112

Instructors: Jim Hagerty, AFT SRT K9 Trainer

TIME: 2p-9p (lunch will be provided)

COST: $FREE!  (working spot) ** REGISTRATION LIMITED TO 30 working teams

This K9 Workshop is an orientation and introduction to K9 Behavior Conditioning as well as Tabletop Aggression techniques and practices.

This is a working workshop with all K9 Teams working on the following tasks: table agitation, table civil, drive capping, back-tie, self-outs, long line, e-collar, tone downs, comms on K9, directional with laser and whistle recall.

These techniques will provide training tools and approaches that allow for capturing and channeling K9 behavior in an effective manner.

This training is open to Military/Law enforcement only.  Working teams – please bring a Bite Suit and be prepared to DECOY.  Unlimited audit spots.  


JUL 7-8-9 2021 | Training
Common Scents “On Target Method” of K9 Detection

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Hosted by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department K9 Unit,
3345 W Vermont St, Indianapolis, IN 46222

Instructors: Randy Hare / Alpha K9 – or

TIME: 10a-5p (lunch will be provided)


We at CIK9 are excited to announce our 2nd training event of 2021, Jul 8, 9, 10, co-hosted by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department K9 Unit and instructed by Randy Hare, Alpha K9 founder and international dog trainer.

Common Scents – “On Target Method” is an orientation and introduction (or refresher to those that have attended in past) to Randy’s On Target detection training system. This course is designed to give the attendee an excellent insight into this training method. This course will review the techniques of Randy’s “On Target Method” and learn how it differs from the traditional methods of detection training.

Techniques learned will show how the K9s learn for themselves, that their eyes and ears mean nothing when it comes to earning the reward object. Training this way eliminates 95% of the cues that may cause false indications.


JUN 29-JUL 1, 2020 | Training
High Risk Deployment Scenario Based Training

Click HERE for .pdf handout 


Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds & Conference Complex 1900 E Main St, Danville, IN 46122

Instructors: Ray Murphy, Ted Summers, Eric Stanbro

COST: $500 Working Spot | $225 Audit Spot

This will be an intense working seminar to help police K-9 learn proper mechanics of bite work development. Decoys must come with a dog that is solid on proper bite mechanics. Please bring a comp or semi-comp bite suit that fits properly.

Meals will be provided on-site (drinks, snacks, lunch, and dinner.)