In Loving Memory of K9 Harlej, Killed in the Line of Duty

Last night, was the night as a K9 handler you train your heart for but are never truly ready.

I lost my K9 partner Harlej early this morning doing what he loved.

My memories of him are just pure joy and happiness.  He was the most dedicated, hard-working, and always in relentless pursuit of everything we did.

Nobody will ever know the time it takes for a K9 to be successful. But everyone will see the successes and we had a lot of successes together.

Harlej and I spent countless hours together in the nearly 5 years I had him. I think about all the hours of training we had and the countless hours we spent together in the car driving around Fishers.

I think about all the men and women who played a role in making him great and great he was!

Harlej and I assisted in a lot of arrests and helped get a lot of bad people off of the streets to help keep the city of Fishers safe.

I will always remember how quiet Harlej was in my car, but at the same time remembering every time that I got out of my car and could see his glowing eyes staring at me with his ears up high. He always waited to be called and was ready to do whatever I asked of him. Harlej did it without fear. I knew every time I got him out of my car, he was going to help every time. Whether that was to find drugs during a walk around or tracking down a fleeing felon.

I know you’re chewing on some tennis balls right now buddy. Daddy loves you and I’m so glad you were my partner and in my life.

Love you Hars!

You are a REAL hero today, buddy. And you saved our lives last night. 

K9 Officer
Fishers Police Department